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65 kVA to 10+ MVA Generators

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Commercial & industrial generators

We provide customers throughout the UK and Ireland with a clean, cost-efficient and highly reliable alternative to diesel or gas engine generation, either for small single projects or large, multi-site requirements.

Our generators can be deployed for a wide variety of uses, for periods of between six months and ten years, to support:

  • Growing commercial and industrial businesses
  • Developers awaiting main grid connection
  • Businesses limited by a constrained grid
  • Data centres
  • Construction and infrastructure projects
  • Plus much more

These generators are available exclusively through the unique partnership between Pure World Energy and SSE Enterprise (part of SSE plc – a FTSE 100 company).

World-renowned technology

Our unique offering is possible thanks to the utilisation of Capstone microturbine power generation technology. There are already over 9,000 Capstone microturbines installed globally and this number continues to rise, as more and more commercial businesses become aware of the benefits of utilising this leading technology. Many of the Fortune 500 top global companies use Capstone products.

65 kVA to 10+ MVA power generation

Capstone turbines are a modular solution, meaning that they have the flexibility to support a wide range of power requirements. Therefore, we can meet a wide variety of generator capacity needs, typically ranging from 65 kVA right the way through to 10 MVA and more.

The key benefits for your business…

Commercially viable against diesel

  • Potentially over 20% cheaper than the equivalent cost of diesel reciprocating engine-generated electricity for a period of 6+ months, on a high utilisation plant

Only pay for what you use

  • A straightforward energy services contract
  • Guaranteed tariff rates, for either small single projects or large, multi-site requirements
  • No hidden costs, maintenance, installation or service charges

Low NOx generation

  • 92% lower NOx emissions than diesel (18 mg/nm3 vs 195 mg/nm3 @15% O2)
  • Environmentally compliant, going beyond Medium Combustion Plant (MCP) Directive targets for both NOx and SOx
  • Quiet operation, with just 65 dba (decibels) at 10 metres

Modular power

  • Flexibility to meet small or large requirements, via modular generator units
  • Highly reliable power, eliminating the risk of black or brown-outs and the need for back-up generation, whilst increasing resilience
  • 4,000 hour service intervals as standard across all microturbine generators, reducing the need for site visits

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