Our unique model guarantees that customers only pay for the energy they use, locking in an agreed price per kWhr for a predetermined time. There are no rental, installation, connection or maintenance fees, with customers benefiting from an open book approach.

Key benefits summary:

  • Only pay for the energy you use
  • Guaranteed tariff rates, for either small single projects or large, multi-site requirements
  • No hidden costs, maintenance, installation or service charges

Pricing FAQs

Projects are funded by an energy services contract. The customer simply pays a monthly electricity bill for the agreed consumption volume supplied and metered by us, and does not need to invest in the asset (i.e. the microturbine). In other words, Design, Build, Finance, Operation and Maintenance (DBFOM) are all taken care of and so the customer has the assurance of a full turnkey solution.

  • No capital costs
  • No fuel costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • No lifecycle costs

The contract provides significant commercial advantages to the customer, including the ability to accurately forecast operational costs. This is in contrast to most reciprocating engine generators, where there are costs for the rental of the equipment, ancillary services, maintenance and fuel.

Usually we will seek to agree a guaranteed fixed tariff for the duration of the contract and therefore the price of gas or electricity rising or falling will not affect the unit price.  

A guaranteed long-term tariff rate is preferential for many customers when compared to more traditional generators, which are regularly impacted by energy price rises. This is particularly significant due to the widespread use of diesel generators and the frequent fluctuation of tariffs.

The rental duration is typically from six months to five years. That said, our generators can be made available for much longer periods, should the customer require this.

Once the contract is complete we remove the microturbine from site and redeploy it at a new location.

Our power generation solutions are generally not economically viable for short-term hire (i.e. periods of less than six months).

There are a number of variable factors that are taken in to account when calculating the rate:

  1. The capacity of the installation
  2. The consumption rate over the fixed period of the contract
  3. The duration of the contract
  4. The unit cost price of gas (used to power the microturbine)

Yes. This is a premium generation solution where the Grid is not immediately available. However, this solution will be more economical and more transparent than many other alternatives available on the market.

Yes – we are fully funded and can deploy a large fleet of assets across the UK and Ireland.

If you have any further questions about our power generation solutions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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